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Unify, automate, and optimize with intelligent Board retail solutions for smarter, faster, and more efficient decision-making.

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Sunday 14th, 11:35 am
Merchandise Financial Planning

Get Control, Plan faster.

Learn how to transform your merchandising financial planning into the foundation for profitability and growth.

Sunday 14th, 3:05 pm
Range & Assortment Planning

Customer-centric planning starts here.

Discover how to quickly meet evolving customer demands and maximize channel profitability.

Monday 15th, 11:35 am
Allocation & Replenishment

An opportunity for growth.

See how A&R can help your retail planning adapt to market trends, changing consumer behaviors, and lean inventory strategies.

Monday 15th, 3:05 pm
Retail Forecasting

Get precise at scale.

Explore how AI-based forecasting methods can untap new business value for buyers and merchandisers.

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The blueprint for retail success

In today’s ever-evolving retail landscape, swift and decisive results are paramount. Leading retailers succeed with Intelligent Planning, the blueprint for retail success. Unlock the power of planning with Board to transform your strategy and elevate performance. Succeed by:

Optimizing performance
Achieve best-in-class profitability, boost sales, and improve ROI across assortments, channels, and trading partners.

Harnessing decision intelligence
Leverage AI and machine learning to supercharge your merchandising and demand planning and make better decisions faster.

Unifying decision-making
Eliminate silos and empower cross-team decision-making with a single, unified planning platform across your entire operation.

Automating where it counts
Free up your team to focus on strategic initiatives by automating routine tasks accurately and efficiently.

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